Pascucci Organic Roasted Ground Coffee 250 gr

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Blend of organic coffee, ground for moka.

The raw coffee is naturally grown and harvested by farming families in Haiti, as part of Big Bio Haiti, a fair trade project realised in collaboration with Gino Girolomoni (one od Italian organic farming pioneers) which aims to ensure that families have a fair salary and wich gives them a continuous technical support for the production of high-quality coffee varieties in a sustainable manner.
This mixture was designed to meet the needs of all those who cares not only about the taste, but also about the history and traceability of the product they consume.

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Seller:Gerico Cooperativa Sociale Onlus
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Blend of organic coffee, ground for moka.



It was 1883 when Antonio Pascucci, the son of two weavers, decided to devote himself to trade. He devoted himself to alimentary products, as on the 15th of July an agreement between Italy and England was made in order to ratify the freedom of trade and navigation between the two countries. Among the products he traded there was colonial raw coffee, which became his passion.

In 1935 Mario Pascucci, involved in the continuation of his father's work, opened the first family shop in Monte Cerignone, with the management of his wife Domenica.

In the postwar period, Dino Pascucci, Mario’s brother, opened his own coffee bar in Monte Cerignone and installed the first espresso coffee machine. His specialties are coffee and sorbets.

Pascucci and his commitment to organic farming and sustainability

Nowadays ‘Torrefazione Pascucci’ selects over 18 coffees from all over the world, from international trader and directly on plantations, with a particular attention to the specialty organic coffee coming from on fair trade market, grown with maximum respect for the land and the local communities.

Big Bio Haiti Project

Big Bio Haiti is a marketing project of green coffee grown and harvested by peasant families in Haiti, with completely natural methods, in compliance with organic farming. The main objective of Pascucci-Montebello project, undertaken in collaboration with Gino Girolomoni (one of the founders of the organic farming in Italy) is to ensure that the coffee farmers receive a fair wage for their agricultural activities, providing technical assistance for the production and processing of coffee, strengthening skills in the field of management and monitoring in agriculture, improving traditional crops, introducing more modern coffee crops but always compatible with the territory, promoting sustainable agriculture having as its objective the preservation of the environment through the rational management of productive resources.

With the free assistance provided by the Pascucci Agricultural Service, and the input of the agronomist Diane Nsengiyumva, farmers can benefit from a cutting edge training programme whilst ensuring the company gets the quality it needs to make excellent coffees. The training also provides work equipment such as gloves, boots, scissors and other tools. The use of organic fertilizers to increase soil productivity is also taught.

This mixture was designed to meet the needs of all those who cares not only about the taste, but also about the history and traceability of the product they consume.



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Da il 24 May 2020 (Pascucci Organic Roasted Ground Coffee 250 gr) :

Caffè Pascucci

Ottimo caffè molto profumato

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