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Nuts for healthy living. Dried fruits for the body and mind. A container of values.

Nuts for healthy living. Dried fruits for the body and mind. A container of values.


Healthy and conscious eating: natural is everything that is not artificial, is not altered. Natural is all that is spontaneous and innate. Natural is pure. It is a new way of living nutrition: respectful of the seasons, healthy and balanced. A diet that is care, that is beauty, that is consciousness, even before awareness.

Caring for the person as a way to balance thespirit : taking care of yourself is not a gift to be made in your free time. It is to dedicate yourself to one's passions, to have healthier rules of life and to live on the move. It is a natural journey that becomes the balance of body and soul.

Art and beauty:there is no beauty without art, a harmonious manifestation of imperfections that gives shape and makes our emotions visible. Life without art and the search for beauty would be incomplete, empty, ephemeral. Those who care for their person, soul and body love art and observe it. The food itself is beauty as well as the kitchen is art. Beauty is a promise of happiness.

Respect for people and the earth:respecting one's body, cultivating one's soul, consciously feeding oneself and others is our way to achieve a balance that is not only individual, but the goal of the community.

Sharing:We believe that preparing one's meals and sharing them helps to develop a greater sensitivity towards others, and that it represents a starting point towards morality and altruism.

Sustainability: sustainability is not a grandiose concept, but implementation of choices. It is a question of culture, respect, healthy eating, movement and responsibility. It is to support quality agriculture and be attentive to all our actions: from entrepreneurial ones to sitting at the table.



Food education

We believe in healthy and sustainable eating and promote a healthy food culture. For this reason we will start an education project in elementary and middle schools involving specialized nutritionists who will talk about healthy eating, explaining in a simple and understandable way how important it is to avoid the excess of sugars and saturated fats, often present in industrial food.

Training and training

Collaborations. At Euro Company we collaborate with schools and universities, invest in high-level training projects, paid training internships aimed at recruitment in 90% of cases and in school/work alternation projects.

Community support

We support voluntary associations Research centers and institutes such as the Italian Association against Leukemias, Lymphomas and Myelomas and the European Research Institute for Child Neuropsychiatry. In addition, we provide our employees with 8 hours of paid leave per year to volunteer at an association of their choice.

Captain Bananas

We support the Captain Bananas project of nuts for life publishing house. It is a comic book in which dried fruit superheroes fight the evil Mr. Junky, the king of junk food.
Let us try, in a playful way and with a language accessible to children, to explain the importance of a diet based on fruits and vegetables and in which sugars, salt and saturated fats are kept under control.

We adhere to the UN 2030 Agenda

Signed by the Member States, the Sustainable Development Agenda sets out 17 Universal Goals to be achieved by 2030 to combat hunger and poverty, combat climate change and foster social and economic development.

With our actions towards consumers, we contribute to the achievement of 4 of the 17 Objectives set: Zero Hunger, Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth.

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