Spiruviva 90 cmp 100% spirulina 500mg

Spiruviva 90 cmp 100% spirulina 500mg


Spirulina is an ancient green-blue alga indicated for its support and restorative action in all those moments when the body needs particular support: the elderly, children who go to school, sportsmen, ....

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Spirulina is an ancient green-blue alga indicated for its support and restorative action in all those moments when the body needs particular support: the elderly, children who go to school, sportsmen, convalescent and debilitated and people who lead a particularly active life.

Spirulina provides the body with a high nutritional intake highly assimilated (75% against an average of 20% of other supplements). 500 mg tablets are made without eccipients. Contains: 100% spirulina platensis. Spiruviva is pure spirulina platensis cultivated with source water and in a sunny and uncontaminated environment in the absence of pesticides, herbicides or other pollutants.

Greenology tablets are made with fresh raw material, are cold pressed and are not irradiated to keep the power of the fresh product unchanged. Greenology microalgae are the result of years of research and studies in the algal and nutritional field carried out by the Bioearth Algal Division in collaboration with important research and production centers in Italy and abroad. Bioearth controls the entire supply chain of its microalgas, from cultivation, drying, compressing to packaging, ensuring an effective, pure and completely natural product.

Microalgas allow digestibility, optimal assimilation of substances naturally present in them. In fact, microalgae are metabolized without particular aggravation by the digestive organs and excretory as the body recognizes as compatible ("self") the nutrients of algae thus facilitating their assimilation. For these characters, Spirulina is suitable for all ages. Microalgas are in many parts called Super Green Foods.

Features of Spirulina alga

100% NATURAL: spirulina is a concentrated food to which nothing is added. This distinguishes spirulina from common supplements where minerals and vitamins are usually synthetic and therefore difficult to assimilate and digest.

NUTRITIONAL RICHNESS: A few grams of Spirulina provide the body with significant amounts of protein, essential fatty acids, iron, B vitamins, Vitamin A and other antioxidants, probiotic substances and pigments that stimulate the immune system.

• IRON:A few grams of Spirulina Greenology per day keep blood iron levels high.

• VEGETABLE PROTEINS: Spirulina proteins are 100% vegetable, complete and balanced. Unlike animal protein foods, Spirulina does not strain the kidneys and liver.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Spirulina supports the immune system of adults and promotes the maturation of the child's immune system.

• WEIGHT CONTROL: Spirulina is a concentrated food almost devoid of calories (3 grams provide about 10 calories), for this reason it is gladly used in low-calorie regimes to enrich its diet and to keep the stimulus of hunger under control.

HIGH DIGESTIBILITY: spirulina nutrients are already predigested (e.g. proteins are already in the form of amino acids) and for this reason they are immediately assimilated by the body without producing slag.

• BIOAVAILABILITY: when it comes to nutrients, it is not their absolute value that is important but their bioavailability, i.e. the body's ability to assimilate them. The nutrients present in Spirulina are highly bioavailable and are easily assimilated by the body without producing metabolic waste.

PURITY: each tablet contains ONLY spirulina of the highest quality.

Functional substances:

Alga Spirulina

How to use:

Take 6-10 tablets a day as needed.


100% spirulina platensis.


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