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Organic food for dogs and cats.

Our food is pure, additive-free and simply better for your pet. Opt for natural food, not tested on animals and produced in a sustainable way.

The best choice for your pet and for all animals.

Organic food for dogs and cats.

Our food is pure, additive-free and simply better for your pet. Go for natural food, not tested on animals and produced in a sustainable way.

The best choice for your pet and all animals .

organic food for dogs and cats Yarrah

About Yarrah

We are the first Dutch pet food company with a full range of organic products. Since 1992 we have been working exclusively with chickens, cattle and turkeys who have had a better life. We do not use meat from mega stables or from inflated chickens.

Why organic?

Is simple. Organic is 100% pure and therefore healthy. We were already organic when organic still had nothing to do with goat wool socks. Yarrah was born out of just outrage against misdeeds perpetrated in the pet food market. Bio for us is not advertising propaganda but a conscious choice to bring about positive change.

A new world sees the light ...

We buy our ingredients from farmers and ranchers who - just like us - want to improve the world. Trust is good, but you need to check. For this reason, the Yarrah quality @8F9J6 personally visits the suppliers to make sure that the animals really lead a better life.

87% of owners notice a result after switching to organic

No chemicals or GMOs

Perhaps it Yarrah without saying, but @2M3M3 products are free of chemical antioxidants, artificial yeasts, dyes and flavoring substances, refined sugars or genetically modified ingredients. Even the animals that are ultimately processed into our products eat organic food that is not treated with any type of pesticide.

Best for all animals

Yarrah is not only better for your dog or cat, but simply better for all animals. Even the animals that eventually end up in our products must have lived a better life. It is important that they have time and space to live, both indoors and outdoors of course. Respect is the key word. Are we really better? According to the Dutch Animal Protection Authority, yes! In fact, since 2015 it gives us the Beter Leven (literally better life) brand as the only manufacturer of pet food. Of course with three stars, the highest possible award.

Absence of animal testing

We do not have kennels with dogs and cats that test the new products for us. If we want to put a new product on the market, we ask owners if their pet can try the product. If the product is liked by dogs or cats and if it actually adds something to the assortment, then the product is launched.


Pure and healthy for cats and dogs. This is important for Yarrah . Our pet food therefore does not contain strange additives such as hormones or antibiotics. We also work continuously to meet the highest standards for organic products, animal welfare and food safety. See our certificates below.

Organic certificates

European organic brands

Did you know that the terms "organic", "bio" and "organic" are legally protected? European legislation clearly establishes which criteria organic food and agriculture must meet. If a product complies with this legislation, then it must carry the European organic label.

EKO quality mark

The foundation of the EKO quality label is an independent private foundation in the Netherlands, with the aim of developing activities that improve the organic quality of products. If a product is awarded the EKO label, its biological origin is guaranteed.

AB and Bio-Siegel logo

Outside the Netherlands there are other rules: each country can have one or more certification bodies. For the French market Yarrah has the AB logo. In Germany it was chosen for the well-known Bio-Siegel.

Animal welfare certificates

Better Life Brand

Animal welfare is central to Yarrah . Chicken, turkey and fish are the basic ingredients of our premium quality pet foods. We find it impossible to work with bloated chickens and meat from mega stables. Animals must be treated with respect. For this reason we carry the Best Life label from Dutch Animal Protection; naturally with three stars, the highest possible recognition.

Food not tested on animals

We do not carry out tests on animals. We let our pets and other people's pets try our products, comfortably at home. Is the new product liked by dogs or cats and does it really add something? Then we add it to our assortment. For this reason Yarrah is recognized and certified by Vereniging Dierproefvrij (Dutch association for substitute methods for animal testing).

MSC brand

Organic fish farming regulation does not meet Yarrah animal welfare standards. For this reason, since February 2011 Yarrah has switched to sustainable fishing practices supported by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Vegetarian / vegan certificates

All products in Yarrah Vega line are certified to be both vegetarian and vegan.

Vegetarian Society

Yarrah vegetarian products are certified by The Vegetarian Society. They also comply with the provisions formulated by this and are 100% vegetable. The Vegetarian Society was formed in 1847, it is an independent organization and the oldest vegetarian organization in the world.

Vegan Society and EVU

Yarrah vegan products for dogs are certified by The Vegan Society. Established in 1944, The Vegan Society provides advice on how to live without animal products. Our vegetarian / vegan products are also certified by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU).

Food safety certificates

ISO 22000

With the ISO 22000 certification we certify three things. Our food security is flawless. Our suppliers are reliable. Our quality management system is functioning properly. (In accordance with ISO 9001, as you surely want to know).

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