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Tea Prodotti Naturali was born in Ancona in March 2003 from the idea of acting in those fields that have always passionate us the founders, such as detergency, natural cosmetics and incense. Over time, it was mainly the friends-customers who given the company the name with which it presents itself today: Tea Natura.

Tea Prodotti Naturali was born in Ancona in March 2003 from the idea of acting in those fields that have always passionate us the founders, such as detergency, natural cosmetics and incense. Over time, it was mainly the friends-customers who given the company the name with which it presents itself today: Tea Natura.

Given the remarkable and indisputable environmental warningsigns,the idea was immediately to reconcile passion and activities with an ecological response,pursuing objectives such as: complete and rapid biodegradability of the product; complete control of the production chain that also includes theethics of the suppliers; use of renewable energy sources and maximum attention in the choice of raw materials; concentration of products (an important factor for less waste of containers); last but not least, the safety of the end user.

After a few years of work, the products have achieved most of the starting objectives, despite this Tea continues to reevaluate and improve formulas, ingredients and packaging for a kind of moral commitment made to customers and the environment.

From the search for maximum transparency was born the brand "NOI & VOI -Tea", an ideal contract to guarantee the products and to testify to how fundamental Tea considers dialogue and comparison. While the website allows you to get to know the company better and be closer to those who want to deepen the knowledge of the activity and all those issues related to it; but it is also a tool to listen to those who want to help improve Tea's work and choices.


We help the Earth to endure man and his activities Every little daily gesture, every decision we make, all our use (and abuse), very often affects in an imperceptible and irreversible and certain way the future of our planet. This is why TEA Natura first thought of products that could be more "bearable", and then put them into production and distribute them.

For our part:

We intend and offer you products that accompany you in everyday activities.

We have a responsibility to tell you that they will not save the planet, but they could be a start ... a stimulus.

We have and feel a responsibility to work consistently, to constantly guarantee the authenticity of our products.

We are sure to be at your disposal for a common job, made of continuous comparison (stimuli, proposals, advice, etc.) with customers who, like us, dream of taking part in the change.

Since birth, Tea Natura has proposed products that are as environmentally friendly as possible,because we want to be part of a great, universal project together with you that feeds directly on our daily actions: life. We begin to think-believe-feel that we are endured by the planet ... perhaps then there will be a turning point!

In the choice of rawmaterials, the use of those that come from:

  • organic farming (in accordance with Reg. EEC No 2092/91, JAS, NOP, etc.)
  • Fair Trade
  • local or domestic production (compared to foreign ones)
  • special projects (e.g. social cooperatives)

In general, however, raw materials are always used: of plant origin, of mineral origin and of animal origin (only if it is ascertained that their obtaining has not caused suffering or suppression).

In cosmetic and detergent formulations we avoid the use of all those raw materials:

  • that are difficult to biodegradable and/or environmentally questionable
  • of limited skin tolerance
  • recognized as irritating
  • containing heavy materials
  • gmos derived from protected or endangered plant species
  • obtained through child exploitation or trade that harms the local population
  • petrochemical derivation or synthetic derivation


The Eco-Pac-Tea brand is adopted for all those products whose packaging meets eco-logic and eco-nomicity requirements, i.e. packages with low environmental impact and low cost. Our intention is therefore to offer you the Product and not the Packaging.

It is also considered that being able to spend less also means working less: less work = less consumption = less pollution.

In packaging, TEA Natura prefers the use of:

  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • paper and paperboard
  • Bakelite

Only occasionally (for particular projects or packages such as pumps and sprayers) and until alternative products become available on the market, plastic-derived products will be used, aware that even the partial use of such materials still has an environmental impact and certain costs in CO2 emissions. Currently, pe or PET bottles, caps and labels are used for ecological detergents.

Tea is committed to research, environmental and ethical assessment, stimulating the production and future use of different materials than those deriving from petrochemicals (e.g. natural resins).

Tea undertakes to promote positive practices of recovery of containers by means of standard projects:

  • on-tap distribution of its products
  • production of concentrated detergents and packaged on glass bottles with aluminum cap and paper label

For all products, storage and shipping in cartons obtained from waste paper is preferred.

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