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Special coronaviruses, covid-19, covid19

Color: random fantasy according to availability.

100% Italian product - 100% cotton on the skin - 100% PA internal fiber

Washable at 60°, reusable up to 100 washes. Compliant Art. 16 DLGS 17/03/20 n°18

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Sold by:La Giostra Delle Erbe - Herbalist

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Special coronaviruses, covid-19, covid19

Color: pattern, "roulette" formula. For the emergency period it is not possible for us to choose the fantasy but in the order notes you can specify whether for child or child, we will do our best to send the most suitable of those available.

Tagia unique child: this mask is very versatile, it adapts to the faces of children of all ages since the elastic must be threaded and fastened to the child who will use it.

100% Italian product - 100% cotton on the skin - 100% PA internal fiber

Washable at 60°, reusable up to 100 washes. Compliant Art. 16 DLGS 17/03/20 n°18.

Filter mask produced by way of derogation from the rules on market releases pursuant to Art. 16 DLGS Cura Italia of 17/03/2020 n°18 published in the G.U. ordinary series of 17/03/2020, aimed at protecting the community and individuals present throughout the national territory who are authorized under the current rule during the state of emergency to use filter masks without the CE mark and produced in derogation from the current rules on placing on the market.

Considered as a device for the protection of the community.

Filter mask in triple layer of fabric, consisting of 100% cotton jersey, PA 100% maglina with resin, 100% cotton jersey. High protection. Pre-formed, adjustable.

Materials: 100% cotton jersey - 100% polyester thinness with water-repellent resin - 100% cotton jersey

Standard Oekotex 100 Certification - n°083706.0


  • Antibacterial treatment. Such treatment is guaranteed for 5 washes.
  • Anti-droplet treatment. Droplets precautions are designed to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious agents by droplets. Transmission occurs through drops of water (droplets >5μ) that transmit germs into the air when people are close, sneezing, talking, coughing. This mask treatment is guaranteed until the tenth wash.
  • Washable fabric. The integrity and strength of the fabric of the mask are guaranteed for 100 washes.

Instructions for use: durable mask that promotes convenience of use, Remove the mask from its packaging only before using it. Use only when the concentration of contaminants does not represent an immediate danger to life or health, and only in accordance with the applicable health and safety rules.

Before each use of the mask check its integrity.

Limits of use: use the mask in areas that are aerated well, oxygenated (> to 20%) and that do not contain explosive atmospheres.

The mask must be perfectly positioned to ensure the expected level of protection.

Do not use if facial hair (beard, ties) prevents waterproofness of the mask and causes a loss.

Do not modify this device in any way, if damaged discard it.

Non-compliance with these instructions for use can cause damage to the user's health and expose him to serious trauma, or put his life in danger.

Use only within its scope as defined in the instructions.

Contact with the skin is guaranteed by the OEKOTEX certification.

Storage instructions: store in the cool, dry, protected from frost and light in its original packaging.

Cleaning/maintenance instructions: washable at 60°, guaranteed up to 100 washes. Wash with plenty of running hot water using a disinfectant product.

Delivery times:standard 2-3 working days. During the coronavirus emergency period delivery times may be slightly delayed, we ask you for some patience, thank you.

NB: White or patterned color, "roulette" formula according to availability. For the emergency period it is not possible for us to make the imagination choose, thanks for the understanding

Produced for: Gemi Health and Care srls - Via per Caravate, 1 - 21036 Gemonio (VA)


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