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Water is life! Maunawai KINI, the filter jug awarded by Altroconsumo as the best!

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Water is life! Maunawai KINI, the filter jug awarded by Altroconsumo as the best!

1) select the color you want; 2) choose the duration of the filters you prefer; 3) add to cart!

If you are looking for only spare sets (filters) you will find them here.

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When the water comes alive.

99% of water filters only purify tap water up to a certain level. The filtering systems MAUNAWAI belong to the remaining 1% that goes further.

They eliminate more harmful substances. They're more effective. They turn common tap water into optimal water for your body. They make your water alive!

What's new worldwide! Maunawai Kini

Water filtration systems MAUNAWAI transform the physical structure of water. They convert your tap water into optimal water for the body (biologically active water). MAUNAWAI now completes this level of quality also in terms of design and production.

THE FIRST CARAFE MADE OF SMMA N30: This material is otherwise used only in the medical field because it does not emit measurable substances even under a higher load. Meets the highest requirements in the field of biocompatibility (ISO 10993) and food compatibility (FDA). It meets all our expectations, as well as those of the EU directive.

And most importantly, it's 100% recyclable.


filtri caraffa kini maunawai

The easiest way to get natural water - anytime, anywhere. He accompanies you on the go, in the office and indispensable for small families.

In the blink of an eye, turn common tap water into mountain water MAUNAWAI. Experiment as well. Water your plants with mountain water and MAUNAWAI see what happens.

- Anti-limestone and nitrate filter: the filter pad frees your tap water from suspended substances such as limestone and nitrate.

- The PI® filter cartridge: the hightech MAUNAWAI filter cartridge eliminates harmful substances such as chlorine, pesticides or weighed metals like so many other pollutions. Filter filters Maunawai high efficiency, even against difficult-to-bind substances such as copper, zinc and residues of medicines and hormones.

- PI® filtering technology is composed, among other things, of quartz sand, turmaline, calcium and magnesium. This transforms your tap water into mountain water and MAUNAWAI.

The result of this natural filtering and leakage process is the "spring" water Maunawai® tasty, soft and healthy. Just what your body cells need!

What experts say


A cell is immortal. Only liquid around it is subject to degenerative processes.

Prerequisite for an eternal life of the cell, is the regular renewal of extracellular fluid. Not every water can ensure an "eternal life". The difference between a biologically active interstitial liquid and a common water is given by its physical structure, the spatial arrangement of its molecules (geometry). The dysfunction of this order is linked with diseases."

"The strong water resonance signal MAUNAWAI 22.5 Hz, is really little to say a feeling. It is confirmation of the particular quality of this water in comparison to the interstitial liquid ...
This interpretation of the accentuated resonance signals of water Maunawai, give an impression of its biologically relevant special properties. Without wanting to anticipate the detailed interpretations of the spectrum and the planned research in the field of water Maunawai, we can already say now, that in the case of the Maunawai system it is a very effective biophysical system regarding the revitalization of water." Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger Biophysicist, quantum physicist and academic director at the IIREC Institute

"We consist mainly of water, hence the need that the water we drink daily, should possibly be pure and have the same characteristics as live water in our cells...
For over 10 years I have been looking for water that I like, that has not been contaminated with chemicals or radiation and that is good for my body and my kidneys. Now I've found it and tested it. For the device, which provides this water, I have verified a lot of research and now I can present it with a filtering technology - the premium water filtration system MAUNAWAI - developed in Japan and copied by nature, which for daily use has just been further optimized. My dream came true!". Dr. Stefan Lanka Virologist and molecular biologist

"Tumors develop as a result of the destruction of the structure of the interstitial fluid. An outbreak of "non-living water" is created in the middle of the "live", energetic and quasi-crystalline interstitial liquid.
This acts as a continuous stimulus on the cell to divide. The consequence and the onset of a cancer that grows luxuriantly." Trincher, K.: Wasser – Grundstruktur des Lebens und Denkens. (Water - Basic structure of life and thought); Herder, Vienna 1990, ISBN-10: 3210250030 Karl S. Tincher Renowned Austro-Russian Biophysicist.

Fact data

Water PI MAUNAWAI. "By means of the water treatment device analysed, a complete restructuring of the water was observed in a test. In the treatment of water with PI MAUNAWAI water is prefiltered by means of a ceramic filter and an activated carbon filter based on the shells of coconuts. The water is then moved through a arrangement of different filtering layers, which contain, among other things, coral components, mineral stones and crystals from the High Japanese Mountain. The result is the transformation of the water of Lake Constance, into a water with an accentuated ringing structure, which in the center has characteristic crystalline shapes."

senza filtro kiniacqua filtrata con kini pi maunawai
Unfiltered tap waterWater filtered with the MAUNAWAI

Institute for Static and Dynamic Aeronautical Construction, University of Stuttgart

Head of research: Berthold Heusel M.A. Johannesstr. 31A 70176 Stuttgart

Research and analysis

Download at the bottom of the page the documents related to the following analyses and research carried out on filtered water with the Maunawai.

1 - Kini MAUNAWAI analsis after continuous use for over three months. Head of Research: Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger Director of IIREC

2 - Microscopic analysis of water with working techniques and introduction in the examination of images. Institute for Static and Dynamic Aeronautical Construction, University of Stuttgart. Head of research: Berthold Heusel M.A. Johannesstr. 31A - 70176 Stuttgart

3 - Parameter definition. MAUNAWAI has an excellent ability to expel organic and anorganic harmful substances. International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC).

4 - Water resonance. "MAUNAWAI" has an excellent purification, structural activation and water vitalization capacity. International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC)

The Course of Water

"For more than 20 years, I've been committed to tremendous water." Maria Knoch Dipl oec., health and food consultant.

Water has been a central topic for me for more than 20 years. Clean and biologically active water is the basis for a healthy life. As a food and health consultant I am aware of how important good water is, alongside a healthy and gluten-free diet. So I brought the first PI water filtration system to Germany.

My commitment and thirst for knowledge led me to fly personally to Japan to get to know Prof. Shinji Makino and PI technology, which he brought to the current high degree of evolution. Over the years I have dealt with numerous and varied water filtration systems. To date I consider PI filtering technology in all aspects to be the best on the market.

My biggest goal was to make this complex technology affordable. In the water filtration system MAUNAWAI I found the solution.

A water filtration system that does not have to be connected to the water pipeline and that works without power. It is easily usable and finds its place in every home. The results of our product development are confirmed daily by both new research results and numerous enthusiastic customers.

MAUNAWAI means mountain water - PI means energy of life.

The PI symbol was used more than 5000 years ago by Sumerians. The Sumerians are the oldest known tribe known. They are immigrants from the east and southeast into Mesopotamia in the middle of the 4th century BC. In their cuneiform writing PI means energy of life.

Nature as a model

PI water was discovered as part of research in the field of plant physiology in the 1950s. Japanese dr. Shoi YAMASHITA of Nagoya University intensive research in the field of botany and discovered in 1964 that living water in plants clearly stands out in its physical and biological characteristics from tap water and spring water, but it looks a lot like human interstitial liquid. In 1985 YAMASHITA gave this living water the name PI water.

The goal

The ultimate objective of IP research is to turn water from the tap into live IP water. Observations of nature have led to the system used today. The water filtration system MAUNAWAI therefore simulates the natural process of water treatment. The water filtration system MAUNAWAI based on the latest knowledge of PI research, and brings them to your home in the form of a clean and well-mature technology.


The filtering system used is produced on purpose and exclusively for MAUNAWAI and can only be found in water filtration systems MAUNAWAI.

100% made in Germany, from design to manufacturing.

The five principles in the jug MAUNAWAI:

1) filtration

2) information

3) optimization

4) harmonization

5) biological availability

Water is not only purified from unwanted substances but also renovated and restored to its original cluster form/structure. The geometric shape of our jug is inspired by the crystalline structure of the water MAUNAWAI. The geometric shape of our KINI jug is inspired by the crystalline structure of the water MAUNAWAI.

Very suitable for small families, for travel or for the office.


With the new Kini carafe and its recyclability, we have also completely changed the packaging. This is now made from 100% recyclable waste paper, without paint.

Do your part to protect the environment and pay attention to our cartridge disposal tips!

The package includes:

- Plastic SMMA food jug does not contain any plasticizers

- PI filter cartridge (3/6/12 months)

- limescale pad with lid (3/6/12 months)

- instructions for use in two languages (D/E) with replacement intervals

Container capacity:

- filling container 0.8 l

- storage container 2.0 l

Dimensions of the jug:

25.50 cm height, 24.00 cm width, 12.00 cm depth at the base, 15.00 cm depth on top.


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These filter cartridges can only be used for kini jugs of Maunawai. You can find them in all colors on this page.PI Caraffa Kini filter cartridge filters running water through 3 layers

26,97 €
Available now

Lid to secure the limescale pad or microspong on the PI cartridge.

2,38 €
Available now

This ring seal is a spare part exclusively for the Kini carafe cartridge.It cannot be used for Mini/Color models!

1,56 €
Available now

Replacement green lid for the Kini carafe.

7,30 €
Available now

Replacement white lid for kini carafe.

7,30 €
Available now

Storage container for Kini filter jug with green silicone handle (no lid or filling container).

37,62 €
Available now

Storage container for Kini filter jug with blue silicone handle (no lid or filling container).

37,62 €
Available now

Storage container for Kini filter jug with red silicone handle (no lid or filling container).

37,62 €
Available now

Storage container for Kini filter jug with white silicone handle (no lid or filling container).

37,62 €
Available now

Replacement blue lid for the Kini carafe.

7,30 €
Available now

Filling container for the Kini filter jug.

13,03 €
Available now

Replacement red lid for the Kini carafe.

7,30 €
Available now

The PI filter cartridge can for the KINI jug.Our Pi filter cartridge for Kini carafe is the smallest and rests on the PiPRIME filter cartridge.

22,05 €
Available now

Anti-limescale pad for the Kini carafe and for the K8 PIPRIME system.For use in the jug it needs the lid for the anti-limescale pad.

12,21 €
Available now

Pack of 6 anti-limescale pads plus 1 lid.Replaces the previous micro sponge.

21,27 €
Available now

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