How to minimize transport costs and save money: organize your purchases by supplier!

We recommend that you focus every expense you make on the Social Marketplace on as many providers as possible so that each transport is optimized with as little footprint and weight (therefore cost) as possible.


Trasporto non ottimizzato - Non-optimized purchase - buy a tin of oil from Supplier A and a bag from Supplier B today and tomorrow buy a bottle of oil from Supplier A and another bag from Supplier B

Trasporto ottimizzato - Optimized purchase - we recommend buying the tin and bottle of oil today from Supplier A and tomorrow the two bags from Supplier B

The system still guarantees the lowest cost among couriers with whom we have agreements but optimizing the cost per manufacturer will certainly save you money.

Timing and mode

The average delivery times are explained by each supplier on each product sheet in the "Datasheet" below and are calculated from the date of receipt of the payment.

For each purchase the system will offer you the cheapest courier and if more than one is available you can independently choose the one you prefer at the indicated cost.

All transports are carried out from the supplier's warehouse to the consumer's domicile.

Why do we operate direct shipments from suppliers to consumers?

For at least three good reasons all aimed at saving and lowesting:

- We eliminate a transport, the one that should bring the goods to our warehouse each time, a cost that we should then recover in the sale price (transport +storage with relative personnel, etc.) that you should pay;

- in doing so we are minimising our environmental impact;

- transported goods travel more safely due to the reduced need for transhipments and handling

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