How to minimize transportation costs and save: purchase by supplier!

We are aware that shipping directly from suppliers' premises may increase your bill if you purchase small quantities from a large number of suppliers. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you make purchases supplier by supplier and in bulk. This will allow you to make the shipments as compact – in terms of packaging, weight, and cost – as possible.


non optimized purchase - Non-optimized purchase: on purchase day 1 you buy a can of extra-virgin olive oil from Supplier A and a sustainable ladies bag from Supplier B. On purchase day 2 you buy a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil from Supplier A and a sustainable leather wallet from Supplier B.

optimized purchase - Optimized purchase: on purchase day 1 you buy the can and the bottle of extra-virgin olive oil from Supplier A and on purchase day 2 you buy the ladies bag and wallet from Supplier B.

Anyhow, the system will always guarantee the lowest possible shipment cost available, but optimized purchasing will help you save money.

Timing and mode

The average delivery times are outlined by each SUpplier on each product page in the "Data sheet" and are calculated from the date of receipt of payment.

For each purchase, the system will suggest the cheapest courier and when more than one is available you can choose your favourite one.

Transport is always made from Suppliers' premises to consumer's delivery address.

Why do we operate with direct shipments from Suppliers to Consumers?

We send your orders directly from the Suppliers' premises for three good reasons, all contributing to savings and reduced environmental impact:

  1. To save on transport, storage and personnel costs, by avoiding shipping goods to our warehouse first. Doing otherwise would have a big impact on the final cost of your purchases.

  2. To reduce emissions linked to transport fuel.

  3. To preserve the quality of the merchandise, by avoiding multiple changes of hand and storage methods.

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