B2B Bulk Purchases

If you want to place bulk orders for your Company (Gifts, Celebrations, etc.) and are wondering if we can offer better prices please feel totally free to send us a quote request via email to help [AT] shop.socialbusinessworld.org or via contact form specifying:

  1. Company name
  2. VAT Code (European Companies only)
  3. Exact product(s) link(s) (ie. https://shop.socialbusinessworld.org/en/598-nonna-maria-organic-white-passito-wine-500ml-8033196831006.html)
  4. Quantity needed
  5. Desired delivery date
  6. If/what Customization is required

For normal quantities orders please proceed with standard purchase process, the system will anyways offer you the opportunity to add your VAT Code and receive a regular invoice.

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