How to submit an order with a purchase group? Update 2020

To buy in a group and save just follow the simple procedure described in this video

Are you part of a solidarity buying group (G.A.S.), an Association or an informal purchase group of your office or condominium or friends or relatives?

Save money while contributing to the growth of ethical enterprises!

Attention! Discounted prices reserved for purchase groups are not what you see in the shop as they also order individual users.

Contact us via Email at help[snail] or through the form here specifying the name and location of your group and we will answer you with all the details, thank you! ***

- A collaboration between SBW, the Cooperative Sociale Jericho Onlus and the Montimar Solidarity Purchasing Group started from the mutual knowledge born in the Network of Ethical and Solidarity Economics (REES) of the Marche.

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Why buy in a group? What problems have we solved for solidarity purchasing groups?

  1. 1) -> Savings on products
  2. 2) -> There are no shipping costs
  3. 3) -> The number of transports is minimized with consequent positive effects on the environment
  4. 4) -> You do not have to study and learn complex management software
  5. 5) -> Parcels and counts already arrive divided by individual member of the group
  6. 6) -> There are no accounts to be done manually
  7. 7) -> Orders can be sent at any time, you should not wait for the opening
  8. 8) -> No errors with spreadsheets and/or emails
  9. 9) -> In one order you can add more producers, no longer just one at a time
  10. 10)-> Few clicks to complete the order

Who's behind it? About us?

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Photo: meeting local producers from Jericho-Emporio Other Economy... you make economy in solidarity in a circle! :)

The main street companion of our ethical marketplace is Jericho, an ONLUS social cooperative in the Marche area with which we have been collaborated for some years with mutual satisfaction and with which we share values and objectives.

In 2009 Jericho, in close collaboration with GAS di Fano and REES Marche, committed itself to the construction of a network between local companies that are inspired by the principles of the solidarity economy. From this network was born "the emporium ae", a point of sale of ethical products where consumers can, day by day, live a close relationship with the producers who continue to be the protagonists of the project.

Throughout the year the manufacturers involved take turns in the store to tell about their work and establish direct contact with consumers. Periodically they meet with Jericho to establish the strategies to be pursued together, always developing new projects that contribute to the growth of the solidarity economy in the territory.

The spirit of collaboration that characterizes the "emporium" project has led in recent years to the diffusion of organic products also in public canteens and catering circuits and to the opening, in the short term, of a second point of sale and a gastronomy laboratory also equipped for catering service.

Why did we choose Jericho? For at least 6 very good reasons:

1) Jericho is a social cooperative founded in 1997 after various experiences of its members in volunteering,very well known and well integrated in the localcommunity, is an active member of REES (Network of Ethical and Solidarity Economics) Marche, partner of Banca Etica and is part of the National Forum of Social Agriculture.

2) Jericho carries out in an organized and non-profit-making way, activities aimed at the recovery and enhancement of human, cultural, professional, as well as social and/or working people who are in need, disability and marginalization, in the context of mental fragility. Work, in fact, can be a real therapeutic tool of social reintegration. As a Type B Cooperative, Jericho must offer its employees education, training and the acquisition of those skills that then lead to autonomy in work and, consequently, in daily life.

3) Promotes direct relations between small producers and consumers, short supply chains and zero kilometer. A transparent supply chain that leads directly to those who passionately produce what we eat and that we use on a daily basis, helps responsible consumption and calls attention to their territory, pushes to increase the local economy and preserves small farmers and artisans from the large market that on the contrary crushes its richness and peculiarities.

4) He actively deals with training and information on the culture of social and environmental sustainability, saving, reuse, conscious consumption and place of dissemination of knowledge and knowledge, research and experimentation, enhancement of diversity, comparison and reception through social cooperation.

5) Thanks to this partnership, our marketplace can pursue a dual objective:to help even small local businesses to have greater visibility, consequently a greater social impact, and to provide employment for people belonging to disadvantaged groups;

6) This collaboration also allows us to guarantee better conditions of sale to our customers / friends who can choose from many hundreds of ethical and organic products that can be shipped from the same warehouse, to save on shipping costs.

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Collaboration and the creation of networks are, in our opinion, the only valid tools that allow rispetto us to build a new economic system based on fundamental values suchas solidarity, respect and ethics:for this reason we hope that from this partnership we can consolidate and grow a wider network among the various realities that make up the Italian and international solidarity economy.

Among the products sold by Jericho in our ethical marketplace, you will find the real Organic Made in Italy, produced by small and medium-sized companies based mostly in the Marche region: including the pioneers of Italian organic Girolomoni and La Terra e il Cielo.

Here the more than 1500 articles by Jericho

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How to join a solidarity buying group? How does a solidarity buying group work?

You can search online for guides and if there is already one where you live or you can create one for example together with your friends, relatives, colleagues: there is no need for officialization in the Association, which can arrive after an initial running-in period, if you consider it necessary.

Why does each member of the solidarity purchasing group need to create their own profile? Isn't that enough for the group?

The personal profile is used to automate the management and accounting of the group: in this way each member can keep track of their wish lists and the totals to be paid for each order placed both as a member of the group and possibly as a single one.

For our solidarity purchasing group, the direct relationship with the manufacturer is fundamental: does this ordering system not harm it?

This question provides for two answers.

The first: starting from products for which the group has not established a direct relationship with producers for lack of knowledge or impossibility (e.g. producer far away or unable to directly follow many purchasing groups) can be an excellent way to expand the group basket and to contribute to the functioning of this ethical marketplace.

In essence: how many direct relationships or products can a group manage? For all other missing products in the group basket, for all other relationships, or for the same direct relationships already in place, if order management is too complex or time-consuming and expensive, you can order on this ethical marketplace.

The second one. Our proposal and functionality actually seeks to keep relationships on a more personal and human level. It is designed for purchasing groups that do not like to waste time discussing purely "commercial" issues (distribution, orders, etc.) but prefer to invest it in in-depth meetings, convivial days, parties and events precisely with producers, moments during which you enter into a real relationship.
From our direct experience, the "commercial" relationship often creates more frictions than points of contact with those who produce.

In addition, we would like each group to be open not only to the relations that it has already been able to establish directly but also to those that have been established by other purchasing groups or by us+Jericho with other responsible producers.

Can products from multiple manufacturers be included in the same order?

Yes, on this ethical marketplace, thanks also to the collaboration with Coop. Sociale Jericho Onlus, the basket is large (about 2500 products as of April 2018 and constantly growing) it is possible, with a single order to receive items from several producers, already separated for each member of the group.

Can a solidarity purchasing group or a single report a manufacturer or other products from an existing manufacturer?

Of course, new manufacturers just have to ask to fill out this tab. They can choose whether to manage their catalog independently or rely on SBW and Jericho for warehouse and shipping management.

Adding products from existing manufacturers is even easier, just tell us what your group needs :)

Is it possible to get to know the individual producers better?

Of course, the products section reserved for each of them also hosts a complete description with texts, photos and videos if provided by the manufacturers themselves or by our partners.

What about solidarity buying groups? Is there a self-managed web space?

Yes, for groups, on the social platform, there are numerous features listed here

How do I make payments? When and to whom do you pay?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or other instruments (credit card, Paypal, Postepay, etc., logos are displayed at the bottom of each page) at the details indicated at the time of the order confirmation. There is also a deferred payment with respect to the delivery of the order, based on the relationship of trust established between our platform and the individual group.

When can I order it?

All the time. Of course some items may not be immediately available in stock but it is and will always be our care to replenish them and then send them to the purchase groups in a reasonable time.

Is it mandatory for group orders to be limited to closed packages?

No, every member of the group orders what they need, we take care of optimizing the warehouse and transportation. Each member of the group if they want, can still evaluate the purchase of some closed packages identified as "Savings Packages" at this link.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is free and for purchase groups it is unique, everything comes together but the packages are divided and marked with the names of the individual members of the purchase group in order to pick them up or distribute them with ease.

Are the counts broken down by the individual members of the solidarity purchase group or are they cumulative?

If you follow the steps in the video above, the order confirmation email that automatically receives the contact person already contains counts broken down by individual member of the purchase group. No more problems and stress in manual calculation of everyone's total :)

I am a member of a solidarity buying group but I do not see discounts, why? Why don't I see the discount for my group?

The final counts for the group order are already discounted differently from how they initially appear by individual members, this is because the individual member only takes advantage of the discount when the order is actually executed as a group.

How does billing work?

The invoice, issued by Social Business World, is unique and in the name of the subject who will indicate the contact person of the group's orders in his account. It can be downloaded directly from the contact person's account after logging in and after shipping.

I am the contact person of a group, if tomorrow I were not to be more myself how would you manage the transition?

Simply communicate the password of the group account to the new contact person

We plan to use a prepaid card for order payments but the GAS treasurer is another person, other than the order representative, are there any issues in the account i indicate a card in the name of a different person? The same situation arises if we paid by bank transfer, if the transfer comes to you from someone other than the contact person there would be problems?

No problem because we do not keep card data on our servers to avoid security issues. Therefore, with each purchase, simply select the preferred payment method and proceed

For deliveries we rely on the warehouse of a third party, how should I insert this destination different from my home and also different from the group headquarters?

In the group account (as in all) you can add as many addresses as you want and when you complete the order you can indicate to which address to deliver and to which address to invoice.

How do you handle deliveries? Do you ship bulk packages or are they packed on a pallet?

For purchase groups, the best solution is the pallet containing the boxes already divided for each member of the group

Is it possible to agree on the date and time of deliveries? Do the delivery staff also take care of the unloading or do we have to organize ourselves?

The courier always requests the telephone number of the contact person with whom he agrees to deliver and unload goods.

When a member of the group registers, how does he indicate his group's contact person for collective purchases?

There is no need but it can indicate the name of the purchase group in the "Group or Company" field in the "Your address" section. To make it as easy as possible, as described in the video above, the member of the group sends the wish list and the contact person to the contact person, from the group account will complete the actual order.

Do the wish lists that group members send to the contact person arrive by email or through the portal?

They arrive by email so both the group members and the contact person have a copy.

What happens if a member of the group asks to edit a list that has already been sent that has not yet been converted to final order?

The member of the group should send only the final list to make life easier for the contact person; if you want to change it must resend it and the contact person must use the link of the new list (or the updated old one if the group member has used the same, has not changed its name).

Are the prices for purchase groups the ones you see on the site?

No,discounted prices for groups are not those published because individual users also buy in the ethical marketplace. Contact us by email at help[snail] or through the contact form on this page specifying the name and location of your group and we will answer you immediately with all the details, thank you.

Carrying out a purchasing group is challenging, we know, and it is to this effort that we want to overcome with the simplified group purchase feature.

Any more questions? Any more doubts?

Contact us:

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-> via Email at help[snail]

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