Does your favorite school need funds to carry out its educational projects? To buy consumables? To meet the many expenses for the education of our children?

This short page is for you, read it carefully!

Ethical Marketplace donates to your favorite school

Every time you buy on the Ethical Marketplace, you receive a discount and we donate to the school of your choice.

What products do you find on the Ethical Marketplace?

Everyday food products (pasta, pasta, pasta, oil, preserves,..), herbalists, supplements, ethical, organic, sustainable, respectful of the planet in which we live and of the workers employed by partner producers and sellers.

How does this initiative work?

In order for the school you choose to receive our donations you do not have to do anything special:

1 - You shop as you normally would, choosing in the entire product list, at the same prices and also taking advantage of promotions;

2 - using the dedicated code choose to which school the Ethical Marketplace should allocate its donation;

3 - The Ethical Marketplace also gives you an instant discount.

How much donation does the school receive? How much is the discount?

The Ethical Marketplace donates 2% of the order amount to the school and applies an immediate discount of an additional 2% to you.

How do I get the donation code dedicated to my favorite school?

Both the school and any parent or student can apply for the code.


Remember the 3C:

1. Contattaci, filling out the form on this page,indicating the exact code of the plexus, you can find it on the site look for your MIUR school at this link as in the example below;

(school research 1/2)


(school research 2/2)


2. Copia the donation code received by email, dedicated to your school;

3. Shareit, spread it in your school between parents and students via email, social and chat.

How do I use the donation code?

When you buy on the Ethical Marketplace do not forget to enter the donation code in the "Vouchers" field that you find in the first step of the payment process (checkout) and click on "OK": you will see a discount applied immediately to you and you will know that the same amount will be set aside for your school of the heart.

That's all, simple, right?

inserimento buoni èer associazioni

Why do we do that? Our values in an infographic.

i valori del marketplace etico

FAQ (FAQ) on school support

1. Should donations then be spent here on the Ethical Marketplace or where and how do you want to?

Each school will decide how and where to spend the donations we receive, there are no obligations whatsoever.

2. How and when are donations made?

By bank transfer, by April 15/July/October/January for the full amount accumulated by each school in the previous quarter.

3. Does it cost anything to participate in this discount+donation program?

No, it doesn't cost anything.

4. Why don't you publish all discount and donation codes?

Because we prefer them to spread through and among those who really care about their school. We don't want it to be a simple copy and paste to get a discount.

5. Are there any limitations or can all items be added to the cart and give the right to discount and donation?

All items are entitled to discount and donation.

6. Can the discount and donation be combined with the other offers I find on the Ethical Marketpace?

Yes, discount and donation can be combined with the promotions listed and updated on the "Special Offers" page here.

7. Is it necessary for the school to join the initiative first?

Not necessarily. Anyone can request the discount code + donation after which we will pay the school what has accumulated, in the manner described above.

However, it would be appropriate for those who request the donation code to immediately inform the school so that they know who we are, because they will receive donations from us and so that the school itself helps to spread the code and the initiative through the poster that we will provide.

8. Can all schools apply for the code?

Yes, if included in theMIUR's schools list.

9. Will you provide material to explain and disseminate the initiative?

Yes, the poster you see below will be sent containing the donation code and links to our website to find all the useful info.


10. What is the period of validity of this initiative?

The initiative is not expiring, it is an integral part of our ethics.

11. Can those who have never purchased on the Ethical Marketplace and do not have an account also participate?

Of course, and with each purchase you can choose whether to create an account or place the order as a "guest".

12. Can I donate to more schools or always to the same?

For each order you can choose only one school but you can choose a different school with each new order.

13. Can the discount and donation be combined with discounts for purchase groups?

The Ethical Marketplace works with very low margins to ensure fair compensation for the entire supply chain. For this reason, if a buying group also wanted to support a school, it should consider, just as it does at certain times to support even more producers in difficulty, a waiver of a small share of its standard discount, at 2%.

14. What happens if the school were to waive donations for any reason?

Donations to the school will be divided, at the end of the calendar year, among all the other schools participating in the initiative.

15. How can I contact you to request the code and learn more?

For the code and any other questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form on this page,through Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal on 392 4515756 or via Facebook or Instagram.

Share this initiative on your social, email, messaging channels (WhatsApp, Telegram,...) and do notmiss updates : subscribe to the newsletter from this page. Don't worry we don't ship more than one or two a week ;)

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