The 3 ways to make money with the Ethical Marketplace

For a long time we have been thinking about how to makethe ethical economy more and more circular and supportive, not only between suppliers and companies but above all between customers and friends who support us by purchasing from the Ethical Marketplace.

For a long time we wondered how to create a more virtuous "economic tour" that could include everyone...

... but for a long time we have been limited by a strange embarrassment of having to "sell",to be basically still an "e-commerce" although very different from the rest for the values that we are committed to carrying and transmitting.

It took us a few years but in the end we completely overcame the embarrassment:

selling for the Ethical Marketplace rewards us, it is a joy, for the human qualities of our partners and for the quality of what they propose.

The more we can get people to try out ethical marketplace products, the more we change the way we perceive the economy, the issues of sustainability, the environment and social justice.

infografica valori Marketplace Etico

This long premise is necessary for us to introduce the three programs that we have activated (we have not invented anything, it is true, but even to this initiative we are sure that we have added an ethical connotation and we are convinced of its importance:

(1) The word-of-mouth programme;

2) The affiliate program;

3) The loyalty program.

Who are they addressed to?

To all those who want to earn by creating an income, integrating the existing one or saving on purchases on our platform, without the need for technical-IT skills.

How do they work?

0 - Get started

First register, freeof charge, to the Ethical Marketplace from the "Sign in/Register" link at the top right. From there you will be able to access the simple but powerful tools made available by the platform in the section "My profile". There they are.

1 - The word-of-mouth program

programma passaparola

Very simple: just copy the personalized link, as shown in the image below, and send it to your readers, contacts, friends, through the channels you usually use (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email, newsletters, websites, blogs, forums, documents in Word or PDF,..).

However, we recommend:

- not to do SPAM, respect those who receive, those who read also because spam is prohibited;

- to select for your messages only recipients that you think may be really interested in what we sell on the Ethical Marketplace.

When your contacts click on the link you earn a 5% reward on ALL orders they decide to place.

And if you consider it appropriate you can also send them a discount voucher that we offer you with pleasure directly from your profile. Using the discount code, your contacts will still earn you a 5% reward.

We also provide you with an image that you can use freely, otherwise you can upload one created by you.

Here's what the word-of-mouth program area looks like:

dettagli programma passaparola

2 - The affiliate program

programma di affiliazione

The affiliate program technically works the same way, the only difference is that instead of sending your contacts the link that leads to the Ethical Marketplace home page (as you do with the word of mouth program described above), you can choose a single product and report it.

Again, for the reported product but also for everyone else your contacts decide to buy, you earn a 5% reward.

This is what you find in the section dedicated to the affiliate program:

dettagli programma di affiliazione

3 - The loyalty program

programma fedeltà

The simplest, because very "classic": for all your purchases on the Ethical Marketplace you accumulate discount vouchers that you can use for future purchases.

Every discount voucher obtained is highlighted to you before the confirmation of your purchase and, importantly, the discount vouchers between them can be combined!

How do you check the status of your rewards and discount coupons?

You have your own personal dashboard that updates in real time, every minute to be exact, and that looks like this:

The dashboard updated in real time

cruscotto ricompense

dettagli cruscotto ricompense

That's all you need to know to start earning and accumulating discount coupons!

Register from this page and start earning!

Here are frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) that will help you dispel any doubts and understand all aspects

What is this system, a kind of S. Antonio chain or Multi Level Marketing?

No, there are no chains, no levels, no pyramids, no conventions, no motivational courses for "sellers", no one teaches sales techniques to convince someone to buy what they do not want, no one remains "with the cerino in hand".

How do you combine "gain" with ethics and solidarity?

With the form (totally online and transparent) of the Ethical Marketplace and with the substance (quality of the partners and products offered).

You participate and earn money, only if you want, by reporting this site and we believe that this activity of reporting to your contacts should be remunerated.

How does this type of cooperation fit fiscally?

First don't worry, we provide you with a facsi-like invoice to fill out in simplicity: rewards mature as "occasional performance." With a tax domicile in Italy, this benefit is subject to withholding tax. All rewards must be understood net of any type of retaliation (Inps,,..), if applicable, which are therefore borne by those who use word of mouth and affiliate programs to promote our site and the products published in it. Rewards are always considered to be gross only of VAT and withholding tax.

Do you earn rewards on all products?

Yes, with the exception of discounted ones and savings packages.

How are rewards calculated?

On the price of products excluding taxes and excluding transport costs. Rewards are recalculated or cancelled if orders are partially or wholly refunded as a result of returns or withdrawal rights exercised.

When are rewards counted?

When the status of the order placed by your contact changes to "Delivered". Until then in your dashboard you will see them "Waiting for validation".

When do you make payments?

By Day 10 of January, April, July, October for rewards accrued in the respective previous quarters.

How do I receive payments?

Via Paypal or bank transfer, as you like, for word of mouth and affiliate programs. Discount coupons accumulated directly by you with your purchases on the Ethical Marketplace are discounted on subsequent purchases, when you decide.

Is there a time limit within which my contact must make the purchase in order for me to be granted the reward?

No, from the first click on one of your personalized links will be associated with you until it eventually deletes cookies from its browser (the system that is used to track the origin of the click, every other personal data remains anonymous).

Do you offer help, assistance and advice?

Of course, to the automatisms of the platform we still prefer to add the human relationship! Don't have a problem contacting us for questions and requests for help.

Can I advertise your products and use your brand as and where I want?

Almost... :).

No, we are sure that you understand that the good name of a business, especially on the web, depends on how and where it presents itself. We and our partners to the "simple" business add a whole series of values that we strictly ask to adhere to (have you read the page "Do they say about us"?) if you want to earn money through programs that cater outside the platform, to word of mouth and affiliate programs.

Therefore, here are some important legal tips and notes: in addition to not doing spam, you must not refer in any way to the Ethical Marketplace in sites that incite violence, advertising only without noteworthy content, in other ecommerce sites or price comparators if not previously authorized by us and the managers of those sites in written form.

It is expressly forbidden to use the name "Ethical Marketplace", "Social Business World", the names and brands of our partners as keywords in paid ads both online and offline.

Any form of installation of the tracking cookie that does not involve the use of the affiliate program link or word of mouth program with the relative visit to the site by those who place orders then accrue the rewards is also prohibited.

In the case of the use of texts, images, graphics or any other material coming from our blog or product pages, a citation of the source with its web address (url) is always required.

For all that is not respected or foreseen or if the conduct put in place ly ies our or our partners' image, we reserve the right to take legal action at the Pesaro Court.

The Ethical Marketplace reserves the right to modify the conditions described on this page at any time, in which case it undertakes to communicate them in written form via newsletter.

How can I contact you to find out more?

For any other questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form on this page,through Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal on 392 4515756 or via Facebook or Instagram.

If everything is clear to you... what are you waiting for? :)

Register from this page and start earning!

The Ethical Marketplace Team

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