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marketplace because ethical values

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This Social Marketplace represents the completion of the Social Business World project, the ethical social network dedicated to sustainability and social entrepreneurship. It was born from the strong need of Michele and Gianni to start working hard to make the world we live in a better place. It did not develop from nothing but through the inspiration provided by wonderful friends and through many hours of work by Eleonora and Rossella, who developed the logo and the graphic concept.

The idea

We believe that every human being has the ability and the possibility to make a difference in everyday life, in work. If you agree with us, you have long wondered what can be done in what way and when. Social Business World tries to give answers through a global and multilingual community where lessons, experiences and thoughts can be shared and transmitted. From people to people, simply.

About us

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  • A friend to his important contact list, quoted here because we really like the spirit and the comparison he made:

Hello everyone, I divert attention from the sadness linked to the events of the earthquake, to resume one of our themes. I have been involved in organic farming for more than 40 years and when I reflect on other topics it comes naturally to me to make comparisons with the agricultural world. The difference between Facebook and SBW comes to me from comparing it with that between chemical and biological weeding. Of course the first is simpler and just follow the seller's easy recipe: tot grams or centiliters per liter or per hectolitre and spray tot hectoliters per hectare. Easy and effective. Everyone can measure some liquids! Organic weeding is more difficult, made up of observation and knowledge of nature, of rotations, of other equipment .... and of hoes too, of more manual work. Why should it be chosen? Yet we know it: because it respects the earth, water, the life of the soil, food, health. Because it helps in the prevention of climate change and river flooding. The same difference is also between Windows and Linux. Here too, why make life difficult ?. Windows is universally widespread, pre-installed without having to do anything, simple, effective. Getting into a Linux extension (Ubuntu, Debian, etc.) requires a separate installation, it requires commitment, passion, motivation, time. But Windows represents the world of selfishness and Linux that of gratuitousness, passion, generosity, openness, transparency, equal dignity, collective and community work, free integration of knowledge, the future! A community agricultural cooperative, dedicated to organic farming, with many giving free voluntary work, what should they choose ?! But there is something to be observed better. Is it really true that chemical agriculture is more effective (I don't say "easy" but "effective") than organic farming? Is it really true that Facebook is more effective than SBW and Windows than Linux? In reality, if we measure everything well, in the long run organic agriculture is more effective than chemical agriculture, it achieves significantly better overall results for society and people. The same is already for Linux against Windows, the same, easily, it can be for SBW against Facebook. However, it will be good to proceed without fanaticism, but with the necessary common sense, in trying to replace the "old world" - in which we are all involved, entangled and co-responsible - with the new one, in which we find it hard to enter (see also the various events inside). And anyway - if I understood correctly - we will have the opportunity to organize a meeting with Michele (and perhaps also Luca), who can (will) help us to better evaluate ..... for the moment, in our beginning of business, we also have many other choices to make, day after day! Bye, see you soon.

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