If you are interested in selling your products and/or services on the Ethical Marketplace please specify the following in the contact form reachable from this link:





Cell phone


Are you part of any network?

Do you provide any GAS?

Name and city of at least one GAS you provide?

Do you already sell on the internet?

If you sell on the internet where?

What is the type of products/services offered?

What are the values of your product/service?

Do you have certifications?

What is the corporate form of your business?

What is the sales fee (unique to all items) that you can assign to the Ethical Marketplace?

Can you put all your products in one excel file (or csv, xml, ods), one per line with all the details (we'll provide you with a sample file, don't worry)?

Can you automatically keep the above product file up to date (at least once a day) on your or other ftp server?

Want to tell us more about your business?

Attention! Only detailed requests will be considered, invest time to make us understand well who you are and what you do, thank you! :)

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