• Ainsworths


    Ainsworths specialise in the making and provision of traditional homoeopathic remedies and the individual preparation of Bach Flower Remedies. Since 1974, we have provided a unique service and our aim is to demystify homoeopathy and the use of Bach Flower Remedies with sensitive and simple education. We provide a unique service that offers the World's largest range of remedies together with qualified advice and the highest educational standards which are completely governed by our commitment to lead by example.

    In 1980, we were graciously honoured with Royal Warrants of Appointment to HM The Queen, HM The Queen Mother and HRH The Prince of Wales as suppliers of homoeopathic remedies and have since earned a worldwide reputation as a centre of excellence.

  • Alepeo
  • Alessandrini loredana az. agr. bio
  • Allos
  • Altromercato
  • Amì Pet Food
  • Ananda assisi soc. coop.
  • Anthyllis



    Complete line of products for daily hygiene and Skin care. Anthyllis creams are characterized by the presence of Bioliquefied by Fresh Red Grape Skins made with the support of Phenbiox, spin-off of the Department of Industrial Chemistry and Materials of the University of Bologna, and for this reason they have been selected among the richest in Biophenols from certified Organic Farming.

  • Antichi sapori
  • Antico molino rosso srl

    Antico molino rosso srl

    We produce organic products for the well-being of the person.

    Organic stone-ground flours of all cereals, seeds for bakery, dried sourdough yeast and complementary organic products.

    We carry out checks in our internal laboratory to guarantee true quality.

  • Apicoltura Corbecco Di Lombardi Tommaso

    Apicoltura Corbecco Di Lombardi Tommaso

    Technically Beekeeping Corbecco is a small professional beekeeping, family-run and without employees, which deals with the entire productioncycle, up to packaging and direct sale.

  • Arcangea
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Az. agr. Malacari
  • Az. agr. marinelli massimiliano
  • Baby Anthyllis

    Baby Anthyllis


    Baby Anthyllis is a line of products that respects icea's "Eco Bio Cosmetics" standard to offer your baby a safe line for his skin, but also respect for Nature and the Environment.
    In addition to skincare products, the line also includes four products for cleaning and hygiene of clothing, dishes, surfaces and objects that can come into contact with the Baby.

  • Bartolacci Az.Agr. Di Pierini Monica E

    Bartolacci Az.Agr. Di Pierini Monica E

    The Bartolacci farm is located on the rolling hills of San Costanzo between Fano and Senigallia.

    It is possible to visit it to taste the productions of Marche excellence, obtainedin respect of the environment.

  • Baule volante

    Baule volante

    Born in Bologna almost thirty years ago, Baule Volante is a company that creates and markets organic food.

    It is a magical trunk, made of good things, ideas and people who meet to encourage an organic way of life, based on health promotion, care of the environment, deep respect for human beings.

  • beeskin


    Beeskin: the natural and eco-sustainable alternative based on beeswax to plastic film.

    Why should an alternative to cellophane be so important?

    Well, for those who hadn't seen them yet: images of turtles dying because of the plastic bags swallowed thinking they were jellyfish, gulls with plastic forks in their throats suffering from hunger, the cruel sight of a "mother" whale swimming next to her dead puppy poisoned by microplastic.... Unfortunately, there are countless examples.

  • Berchtesgadener Land
  • Bio Centrale Del Latte Di Brescia - Par di cartoceti r.& c. snc
  • bio moments
  • BioAppetì


    Who's bioappetì

    bioappetì born in 1998 through ConBio, develops a wide range of ready-made recipes suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians as a substitute for animal proteins. Over the past 20 bioappetì has developed strongly thanks to consumers' interest in choosing a plant-based diet. All ready meals are of biological origin and exclude the use of genetically modified organisms as well as additives, flavourings and chemical preservatives. In short, healthy foods based on Seitan, Tofu and Tempeh but with an excellent taste and quality.

  • Bioearth international srl

    Bioearth international srl

    At Bioearth we have a holistic view of the well-being of the person, which cannot be separated from that of the environment. For this reason we have naturally evolved, as individuals and as a company, from sterile egocentrism, to a more enlarged, inclusive and fruitful thought that understood nature.

    A holistic vision of man and the world, which adds concreteness to our project through a continuous comparison with doctors, universities and research laboratories.

  • Biolab


    Who's Biolab

    The company Biolab founded in 1991 with the aim of promoting the consumption of products of plant origin from controlled and certified organic agriculture. Biolabhas established itself in the Italian market among the main specialized producers of fresh organic vegetarian and vegan products to guarantee the consumer in addition to the highest quality from a nutritional point of view, also the pleasure of enjoying balanced and tasty dishes on the palate.

  • Biosal
  • Biosline


    Today it is a great reality, 30 years ago it was a great intuition: that of Paolo Tramonti, who caught, in the combination of traditional herbalism and innovation, a common thread, an ideal line that led to well-being, vitality and beauty. Bios Line, in fact.

    Bios Line's story has since become the continuous development of that idea, as a plant with roots, through a curiosity, professionalism and enthusiasm that only the passion for the inexhaustible richness of the natural world can allow. Today Bios Line is a company that draws from research and the latest scientific achievements the resources to explore the enormous potential of health and well-being enclosed in the plant world, transforming them into natural, effective and safe products.

  • Biovegan
  • Biscottificio Guerra
  • Bova
  • Bruscia Società Agricola S.S.

    Bruscia Società Agricola S.S.

    L'Azienda Agricola Bruscia nasce da una realtà a conduzione famigliare, tipica della regione marchigiana, e da generazioni si è affermata nella produzione agricola.

    Negli ultimi decenni è cresciuta notevolmente per dedicarsi con estrema professionalità e grande slancio nella produzione vitivinicola, costruendo una nuova cantina di oltre 800 mq, assicurando un'eccellente qualità dei propri vini D.O.C.

  • Bucchini davide e romani stefania soc. a

    Bucchini davide e romani stefania soc. a

    The Bucchini farm was founded in Isola di Fano in 1965 by Maria and Alfredo, after 5 years living in Canada, starting to grow cereals and vines.

    Over time the company is expanded and in the small cellar you begin to produce Bianchello wine.

  • Camosci Tonino Azienda agricola

    Camosci Tonino Azienda agricola

    L‘azienda agricola Camosci coltiva i propri terreni con il metodo biologico da 2013 ma da sempre rispetta i cicli naturali del terreno.

  • Campo Soc.Coop. Agricola

    Campo Soc.Coop. Agricola

    Campo is a cooperative of farmers, workers and supporterswho dedicate themselves to organicfarming and who believe in a project started in Isola del Piano, a small town immersed in the Marche countryside in the late seventies (1978) and has become over time a reality of distribution of organic products.

  • Carandini
  • Carioni Bio

    Carioni Bio

    Currently our company has over 1600 animals, more than 800 hectares of land on four distinct areas in Lombardy

  • Cereal Terra

    Cereal Terra

    It is said that "we are what we eat" and then we feed on good, healthy and natural things, so that we can simply be ourselves in the best way.

    The artof preserving is not just putting the fruits in the pot. Together with the scents and flavors of the season, the nuances of memories and emotionsare also preserved, because when we taste a preserve, this one must tell us about its moment of life, awakening in us moments now forgotten but that pleasantly emerge from memory making us relive a beautiful moment of our past.

    For these reasons in which we firmly believe, we have chosen to use only fresh and organic raw materials at the natural moment of their harvest.

  • Chicza


    Chicza, natural and biodegradable chewing gum!

    The increasing sensitivity towards environmental issues, has led some companies to produce sustainable chewing gum, so made of only natural raw materials, biological certificates, 100% biodegradable, (they become dust in a few weeks), do not contain ingredients harmful to health such as aspartame or petroleum derivatives and are also vegan. A virtuous example is ecological chewing gum Chicza.

  • Corman



    Technology, innovation, dynamism, reliability, transparency.
    But also ability to see in addition to the product itself, to provide advice to its customers, to promote initiatives and health culture.

  • Crudigno
  • Danival
  • Dr Niedermaier
  • Dragon Superfoods
  • Ecolife
  • Ecor


    Who's Ecor

    Ecor was born in 1987 and has always believed that the best product that gives health to people is also the best ally for the healthy well-being of nature. Ecor also believes that the earth needs respect in orderto continue to bear healthy fruits, because only from a fertile, biological and natural soil, cultivated with love and dedication, can grow foods that are the sap of energy and vitality for man.

  • Ecozema


    For almost a century we have been producing and distributing quality products for the home. In the first years after the foundation, atthe beginning of the 900,we produced large wooden pliers for the tanning industry,very developed in the area.

  • Ecozema srl
  • Ekoe
  • Ekoe societa' cooperativa
  • Ekos
  • Emilia Foods
  • Ethical Jewels
  • Euro company s.p.a. societa' benefit
  • Euro company s.r.l.

    Euro company s.r.l.

    Nuts for healthy living. Dried fruits for the body and mind. A container of values.

  • Fattoria della Mandorla

    Fattoria della Mandorla

    Who's Fattoria Della Mandorla

    Fattoria Della Mandorla was born in the Alta Murgia National Park, in 1985 with the idea of realizing a dream. He wanted to help make the world a better place, with a project based on values they go through respect for the environment, enhancement of the territory and sustainability. Hence the idea of using a precious resource of our territories, the Almond. Fattoria della Mandrola researches and develops new systems to create with our almonds vegetable alternatives to traditional dairy products such as almond milk and vegetable cheeses.

  • Ferriera - Azienda agricola di Rossi Romina
  • Fior di Loto
  • Fòlia
  • Fonte Della Vita
  • Frutta e Bacche
  • Frutti del sole srl
  • Geo


  • Gerico soc. coop. sociale
  • Gino Girolomoni Cooperativa Agricola

    Gino Girolomoni Cooperativa Agricola

    The cooperative was founded in 1971,when Gino Girolomoni began to promote initiatives aimed at enhancingand supporting the ancient peasant civilization. These first experiences were the basis of the birth, in 1977, of the Cooperativa Alce Nero, which following the sale of the brand changed its name first to Montebello and then, following the death of its founder, in 2012, to Girolomoni.

  • Go Pure

    Go Pure

    Our story

    GoPure introduces you to a world full of honest flavours, rich textures and unique combinations.

    Read here about where the journey begins! GoPure and Yellow Chips

  • Green Remedies

    Green Remedies

    Green Remedies was founded in 2002 with the mission of proposing Nutritional Supplements, Australian Floral Essences and Dermocosmesis from Green Chemistry.
    We know mother nature's strength well, so we focus only on her.

  • Green&Beauty
  • Greenatural


    What we believe in

    We responsibly choose all our raw materials

    Let us look to the past to build the foundations of the future that we will find.
    We want to leave to future generations what our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents have given us.
    For this reason, our first choice in composing products will always be on raw materials derived from renewable plant sources and where possible from Organic and/or Sustainable Agriculture.

  • Herbio s.s. - Società agricola

    Herbio s.s. - Società agricola

    Wellness growers

    Herbio is a young organic farm specialized in the cultivation of medicinal plants and in the preparation of natural herbal products

  • Heura Foods
  • Hiel
  • Holle


    Holle baby food produces demeter quality organic infant food. The company Holle founded in 1933. From the outset, the use of chemicals and preservatives has been uncompromisingly renounced.

  • Horti celati
  • Hubner
  • I frutti del sole s.r.l. ( confezionato)

    I frutti del sole s.r.l. ( confezionato)

    We started our adventure in 1992.
    There were 4 of us in a small warehouse, we were among the first in Sicily to believe in the potential a different agriculture.

    Now in our company there are 40 employees distributed on 2 production sites (Sinubio and Kiarìa) conducted directly by the Agricoop cooperative.
    We grow 60 hectares of land where we produce citrus fruits, vegetables in the open field and in greenhouses.

  • Ibersan
  • Il nutrimento

    Il nutrimento

    Il Nutrimento, founded in 1990, is a production company with a great ambition: to bring the taste of ancient Mediterranean recipes into homes.
    With this intent Il Nutrimento proposes sauces for pasta, pesti, vegetables in oil, vegetable creams and vegetable pates, oils and many other products that combine traditional flavors with a cutting-edge production process.

  • Inner Life - Ananda assisi soc. coop.

    Inner Life - Ananda assisi soc. coop.


    The Ananda Assisi Cooperative was founded in 1992 in Gualdo Tadino with the production and direct sale of accessories for yoga and meditation. In 1993 the Inner Life brand was born and the company began to expand its production and distribution activity in the herbal and alternative food channel.

  • Isola Bio

    Isola Bio

    Who's Isola Bio

    Isola Bio since 1999 has specialized in the production of organic vegetable drinks extracted from the most important cereals and legumes, gluten-free, lactose-free, cholesterol-free and without added sugars. Isola Bio uses a few simple ingredients to give you a naturally good taste at any time of the day. theIsola Bio product range also offers a wide choice of the best organic fruit nectars with fine cane sugar alternatives such as agave syrup and apple juice, cold teas and cereal creams to cook 100% vegetables.

  • Ki


    Love for nature and health is not a fad: it is a passion.

    And, like all passions, he doesn't improvise. For this reason, for over forty years, we at Ki Group have made this attachment to the territory and to a healthy life a real mission, selecting and distributing only the best organic, biodynamic and natural products.

  • Ki - La Forneria
  • Kontak
  • L' Emporio AE - Selezione produttori vari
  • L'Angolo dei Sapori
  • L'infinito - Azienda agricola

    L'infinito - Azienda agricola



    Specialized in organic lavender products for body care, certified and obtained by skilfully mixing natural formulas with lavender essential oil.

  • La distesa
  • La dolciaria di m. e r. s.r.l.

    La dolciaria di m. e r. s.r.l.

    Our history

    1. Birth

    The "COLOMBO" brand was born in Colle Val d'Elsa in 1953 thanks to Mr. Giubbolini, owner of a wholesale grocery store, in whose laboratory he produced a yeast for sweets and savory, which at the beginning was packaged manually with the help of his daughter Anna and sold in shops in the province of Siena.

  • La Fattoria Del Borgo

    La Fattoria Del Borgo

    La Fattoria Del Borgo is a familybusiness founded in Colbordolo (PU) in 1996. It produces jams, juices, honey and wine, takes care of orchards and a vineyard.

  • La Finestra sul Cielo
  • La Luna Nell'orto Di Tronchin Renzo

    La Luna Nell'orto Di Tronchin Renzo

    La Luna nell'Orto" is a Biodynamic Farm and Holiday Home.

  • La marca di san michele
  • La Saponaria

    La Saponaria


    Small family-run company that took its first steps within the solidarity purchasing groups.

    Behind each recipe there is the tradition ofself-production,the collaboration with small local farmers and a continuous search for ingredients and formulas with low environmental impact,delicate and effective on our skin.

  • La saponaria srl
  • La Terra E Il Cielo Società Agricola Coop

    La Terra E Il Cielo Società Agricola Coop

    The agricultural cooperative "la terra e il Cielo" was founded in 1980. It is therefore one of the pioneering experiences in the field of Italian organic production.

    It is a cooperative of producers and workers. Currently there are a hundred associated companies that give the raw material, including many small companies in the Marche hinterland, which perform a very significant social and environmental protection function.

  • Landgarten
  • Le moulin du pivert
  • Libera Terra Mediterraneo
  • Liberomondo Soc. Coop. Sociale

    Liberomondo Soc. Coop. Sociale

    Free World

    fair trade and social

    LiberoMondo is a social cooperative born in 1997 from the experience of a previous association to propose fair trade that promotes social and economic justice both in the South and in the North of the world, working on behalf of producers in Africa, Latin America, Asia and offering, in Italy, a concrete possibility of integration into the world of work, especially for people who come from social distress or are disabled.

  • LifeFood
  • Lima
  • Made with Luve

    Made with Luve

    Who's Made With Luve

    Made With Luve was born thanks to the company Prolupin that markets theMADE WITH LUVE brand to provide the producers of affected foods with protein and lupin fibers. With the launch of the new Grimmen plant, Prolupin will be able to achieve safe growth in various markets with different lupin-based products.

  • Maunawai


    "Spring" water also accessible economically. A spring in your house!

    Maunawai is the manufacturer of the Kini carafe, first at the Altroconsumo tests as reported and commented on the Food Fact here and on the same site of Altroconsumo at .

  • Mediterranea


    Who's Mediterranea

    The company was Mediterranea in 1993 with all the enthusiasm and the will to love and respect the environment. All this takes the form of their choice to produce natural protein foods of plant origin that can favor the spread of a better quality of life, a more conscious purchase and greater ecological awareness. Specifically committed to genetically modified food (GMOs), Mediterranea uses only genetically and biologically certified unseeded raw materials.

  • Melograno vita soc. coop. agr.
  • Minimo impatto srl

    Minimo impatto srl

    Minimo Impatto was born in 2007.
    Our corporate mission was immediately to inform end consumers about the existence of ecological products, move them towards sustainable choices, alternatives to traditional ones but not economically disadvantageous. Today, after almost 10 years, we are one of the best known companies in the world of the green economy. The secret? Love for the Earth and our children.
  • Molini agostini s.r.l.
  • Molino Agostini

    Molino Agostini

    For three generations flour artisans

    My grandfather Emidio started miller activity at the end of World War II.

    The Italy to be rebuilt, the need to start again, led him to realize not only the mill, but also a pasta factory and an oil mill, then the course of life and the choices of the children, made my father inherit the milling activity.

  • Mom


  • Mopur


    Who's Mopur

    Mopur was born in 2006 and after only one year began the production "wheat line" gaining the organic ICEA certification. In 2010 the production of aromatic and lupin carpaccio begins with cold cuts, burger straccetti and more,always in continuous improvement and evolution. Mopur is above all created by great ideals and love for life and the land and offers a wide line of vegetable products of excellent taste and quality, all strictly Organic and above all Vegan! Mopur® is a production process that involves the use of different types of flours (wheat and chickpeas or wheat and lupins). The sourdough that is the protagonist of the production process, gives the products different characteristics. Engaging taste and scent and unique and very sliceable texture. Mopur is composed of a dough of flours and water acidified by a complex of yeasts and lactic bacteria that are able to activate a natural and healthy fermentation.

  • Morello Austera - Società agricola

    Morello Austera - Società agricola


    oL’Amareno (visciolo) è un albero che proviene dall’est Europa e dal medio oriente in particolare dall’Armenia e dal Caucaso.

    Oggi l’Europa orientale resta una delle principali zone di produzione restituendo la genuinità di sempre.

  • Mozzarisella


    Who's Mozzarisella

    Mozzarisella, a preparation based on sprouted brown rice without milk and lactose, made with top quality vegetable ingredients. Mozzarisella is produced by a company that works in the field of organic food production oriented to a philosophy increasingly respectful of the environment, animals and human health, without having to give up taste. "Living in harmony with what nature thought was best for us", is the phrase that best encompasses the spirit behind the production Mozzarisella.

  • Muscolo di grano
  • Nafsika's Garden
  • Natipuri
  • Natracare


    Natracare is more than just organic and natural products. We are an award winning, ethical company committed to offering sustainable solutions for personal health care that leaves only a soft footprint on the earth. Established in 1989, Natracare is a small family run business based in the UK and today is the global leading brand of natural and organic menstrual and personal care products.

  • Natù
  • Naturanda


    Bartoli spa is a historic paper mill based in Lucca born in 1894, the year of the first paper production. Over the course of 5 generations the company has developed and innovated more and more in the production of cartons and special fibers for the industry (from the safety sector to the fashion sector, from the paper-packaging sector to the footwear sector).
    Now is the time for a new challenge.
    The time has come to Naturanda®

  • New Era
  • Nutrigea
  • Nutrisslim
  • Officina naturae srl

    Officina naturae srl

    Passion and experience

    Officina naturae was born from an important need: to make natural cosmetics and ecological and effective detergents, with a cycle of ethical production and distribution.

    Officina Naturae was born from an experience of the Solidarity Purchasing Group of Rimini.

    We followed the impetus of a great common passion and put to good use many years of experience in the chemical-pharmaceutical, bioedile and food sectors.

  • Oltremondo - B2p societa' semplice agricola

    Oltremondo - B2p societa' semplice agricola

    The idea "Oltremondo birrificio contadino" was born in a garage at home thanks to the passion of Filippo who together with friends and family began to experiment with brewing and give vent to his passion for beer in all forms.

    The project began to take shape when in 2011 together with Matteo and Riccardo they began to approach the cultivation of barley in a small rental plot.

  • Optonica


    We in Optonica guarantee

    Quick return on investment - Minimum consumption - Long life and 100% recyclable - Eco-friendly products - High quality lighting - Easy installation and maintenance

  • Organic oils srl

    Organic oils srl

    The company is strategically located in Central Italy, one of the main sources in Europe of raw materials from organic farming.

    Our mission:

    Give people back their natural right to healthy eating by providing clear and correct nutritional information.

  • Ortobene - Azienda agricola biodinamica

    Ortobene - Azienda agricola biodinamica

    Vegetables grown with biodynamic method, since 2008.

    The Biodynamic Company ORTOBENE is a small company of about 6 ha, produces vegetables and grows with the biodynamic method.

  • Palmea
  • Pangea Food

    Pangea Food

    Who's Pangea Food

    Pangea Food was born from a group of guys who believe in healthy and above all Vegan eating to create the best vegan cheese alternatives. They have created a laboratory that produces solid, spreadable plant alternatives and fresh pasta. Always looking for new flavors they have proposed in the Italian market with products of excellent taste and quality. Pangea Food Produces without any animal ingredient, without milk and derivatives, without eggs, without cholesterol and with ingredients from organic farming. For all this Pangea Food is considered a great ally for the Earth and good health!

  • Paolo muratori di srl
  • Paolo muratori srl
  • Pegaso
  • Phedea
  • più bene
  • Pizzolato


    Pizzolato - Organic wines since 1991

    Biological Choice

    The dragonfly that flutters serenely in our vineyards is an indication of a clean environment, free of chemical contamination and rich in its natural biodiversity. This is why the dragonfly is the testimonial of our biological line WITHOUT ADDED SULPHITES.

  • Podere Fontecornino Di Gschleier Michael

    Podere Fontecornino Di Gschleier Michael

    Located at 400 s.l.m. among the rolling hills of the Tuscan landscape Podere Fontecornino is an organic farm that grows apples.

  • Ponti spa

    Ponti spa

    Organic and good by nature.

    Only from organic farming, only in its season, only from nature, only with love.

  • Primavena
  • Probios s.r.l.

    Probios s.r.l.

    Probios,a leading company in Italy in the distribution of organic vegetarian foods,has been promoting the cultivation of raw materials for over 35 years in respect of man and nature and for many years has also dedicated himself to the creation and marketing of product lines suitable for those who have to follow specific diets.

  • Prometeo srl

    Prometeo srl

    It was founded in 1991 in the Urbino area, a territory well anchored to the agricultural traditions of Central Italy, working in particular around two varieties of farro:dicocco farro (Triticum dicoccum) and monococco (Triticum monococcum), considered the father of all wheats.

  • Provamel



    We like to promote a positive lifestyle. Perhaps we seem overly ambitious. But we're not here to proselytize or recommend embracing trees (unless you feel like it).

    We simply believe that so many small actions can contribute to a better future for all.

  • Pukka Herbs

    Pukka Herbs

    Pukka is a Hindi word that comes from The Sanskrit Pakwa and means "authentic, genuine" or more commonly "superior quality".

  • PuroBio (Mami srls)

    PuroBio (Mami srls)

    PuroBIO cosmetics was born from the desire to create natural and organic make-upproducts, made in Italy, without using ingredients harmful to health or tested on animals and its goal is to offer a cosmetic as natural and "pure" as possible without the customer having to give up the high quality performance of professional products.
    To guarantee the commitment and validity of the company in the "bio" field there are certifications: CCPB, NATRUE, Vegan Ok and Nickel tested.

  • Quetzal


    Read Sara's interview with Quetzal here -chocolate isn't all the same!
  • Ranco - Azienda agricola di Santinelli Fabio

    Ranco - Azienda agricola di Santinelli Fabio

    The Ranco Agricultural Company founded in 2008 started with the project of growing local fruits and vegetables.

    The positioning of the company, at Città di Castello, allowed to use land in which some hazelnut plants were already planted to make their unparalleled hazelnut cream!

  • Rapunzel


    Organic with love ...

    ... since 1974! Long before the boom in organic farming and the EC Regulation on Organic Production, Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen, the two founders of RAPUNZEL NATURKOST, did an important pioneering job.

  • Raw Bite
  • Raw Me
  • Remedia di satanassi lucilla & bosch

    Remedia di satanassi lucilla & bosch

    Remedia was born at the end of the 80s from the meeting of life and love between Hubert Bösch and Lucilla Satanassi, who realize together the common dream of cultivating, harvesting and transforming medicinal plants for well-being, health and beauty, working in harmony with the laws of Nature. Today Remedia represents a lively and esteemed reality, which continues to choose to remain "human-friendly".

    Today we are a group of about 25 people.

  • Renesola


    Founded in 2005, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2008, renesola (NYSE:SOL) is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of green energy products. Leveraging its global presence with offices and warehouses in more than 16 countries and expansive production facilities and sales network,

  • Roo Bar
  • San rocco societa' agricola
  • Santiveri
  • Sapore di Sole
  • Sayve


    Who's Sayve

    Sayve was born from an idea of Emanuele di Biase and immediately it was so successful for its tasty and unmistakable flavor. Sayve made products for a real alternative to vegan cheese that is gluten-free and rich in chickpeas and coconut. An Italian product that sets a point in the food innovation market.

  • Schlagfix
  • Shadhilly Societa' Cooperativa

    Shadhilly Societa' Cooperativa

    The Shadhilly Cooperative is a Fair Trade cooperative that has chosen to specialize in the import and marketing of coffee, one of the symbolic products of the exploitation and injustice of the global economic system.

  • Simply V

    Simply V

    Who's Simply V

    Simply V was born with the idea of providing alternatives to vegetable cheese to people who want something new, innovative. The entire line Simply V is developed in an independent production plant with owned plants, where they pay particular attention to the careful selection and responsible use of plant ingredients. The Simply V team is made up of people who combine years of experience and great expertise in the production of vegetable cheese and an infinite passion for good food.

  • Sobo Naturkost
  • Social Business World
  • Sojade


    Who's Sojade

    Sojade is a brand of triballat noyal, a Breton family business for three generations that was founded in 1950. The goal of Sojade is to feed in a healthy and tasty way and aim to unite Man and Nature at the center of nutrition. That's why Triballat Noyal has been investing in Organic Farming for more than 40 years. Made up of committed and passionate women and men, Triballat Noyal created theSojade brand in 2002, expanding its range over the years.

  • Soto
  • Sottolestelle
  • Soyana


    Who's Soyana

    Soyana is an innovative Swiss company founded in 1981 by A.W. Danzer, a young idealist with the desire to offer an alternative to animal products and make possible a healthy and tasty plant-based diet in harmony with nature. In 1981 Soyana produced the first Swiss tofu, in 1985 it launched the world's first soy-based yogurt. Soyana is today a leading company in terms of quality and innovation in vegetarian and vegan organic food in Switzerland, with a range of 130 products that help us eat healthily and naturally and act responsibly and lovingly towards humans and animals.

  • Soyatoo
  • Spighe & Spighe
  • Super Muscolo
  • Taifun


    Who's Taifun

    Taifun's story began in the 1980s in a Freiburg kitchen with lots of soybeans and a small group of enthusiasts. Evolution has taught the company something very important: the passion, care and energy they apply in the production of tofu are largely repaid thanks to the appreciation of the customers who use it. The "mad cow" crisis followed by other scandals in the food sector and the growing interest in conscious nutrition are clearly increasing the demand for organic and vegan products. Taifun expands its assortment and reaches the altitude of 300 hectares cultivated with organic soybeans in the upper Rhine valley, thus fulfilling its promise of transparency from cultivation to the finished product.

  • Tea Prodotti Naturali Di Manzotti P.

    Tea Prodotti Naturali Di Manzotti P.

    Tea Prodotti Naturali was born in Ancona in March 2003 from the idea of acting in those fields that have always passionate us the founders, such as detergency, natural cosmetics and incense. Over time, it was mainly the friends-customers who given the company the name with which it presents itself today: Tea Natura.

  • Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo - Az. agr. Bruscoli Marianna

    Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo - Az. agr. Bruscoli Marianna

    The Santi Giacomo e Filippo Estate was born from the skilful restoration of an ancient village of the 20th century located on the rolling hills of the Marche countryside, a natural oasis in the heart of Montefeltro a stone's throw from Urbino

  • Terra Bio Soc. Coop.

    Terra Bio Soc. Coop.

    Soc. Coop. Terra Bio, always committed to research and innovation, has given life to a project of controlled organic supply chain to enhance Italian organic productions improving their safety and quality requirements. For this purpose we have created a modern plant for the storage, selection, cleaning and processing of raw materials in which we work exclusively our products.

  • Tropicai
  • Tuscany
  • Tutt'Altro
  • Valmarecchia Bio Natura
  • Vantastic Foods

    Vantastic Foods

    Who's Vantastic Foods

    Vantastic Foods was born in Nabburg, Germany, in 2004. The company offers a wide range of innovative organic GMOs, no GMOs, free of artificial dyes, preservatives and flavorers. With its 130 products,Vantastic Foods is able to offer today a valid and genuine alternative to food of animal origin,without giving up the pleasure of the table and taste.

  • VBites


    Who's vbites

    The Group vbites founded in 1993, today it is one of the world's leading producers of vegan meat and fish substitutes and dairy products. Through taste-obsessed research and development, they focus on providing a wide variety of delicious and healthy substitutes to satisfy the most demanding customer. With 105 products in the catalog, 25 years of development and more than 80 international awards vbites is considered a pioneer of the vegan world in Europe.

  • Vegeatal


    Who's Vegeatal

    The company Bio Vegeatal distributed in Italy by Il Nutrimento srl Calenzano (FI). Vegeatal proposes vegetable alternatives to cheeses, specilized above all in spreadables and creamy.

  • Verde&Bio
  • Verdesativa srl

    Verdesativa srl


    Under the absurd pretext of minimising the danger of allergies and intoxication every year, at least 150 000 guinea pigs are sacrificed or disfigured by tests on ingredients and beauty products.

    Verdesativa does not perform and has never commissioned animal testing.

    Verdesativa cosmetics comply with the following specifications: LEAL – THE VEGAN SOCIETY

  • Viana
  • Violife


    Who's Violife

    Violife of the Viotros group is a Greek company that has decided to invest energy on the great project of the new millennium: vegan products and vegetable alternatives with cheese with excellent flavor! One of the most recognized companies on the European market, it was founded in 1990 in Thessaloniki. Violife produces a wide range of plant alternatives without lactose or animal derivatives and with top quality ingredients free of gluten, lactose and soy.

  • Vitall + Nutraceutici
  • Vitariz
  • Vivani
  • Wheaty
  • Whole Earth
  • Yarrah


    Organic food for dogs and cats.

    Our food is pure, additive-free and simply better for your pet. Opt for natural food, not tested on animals and produced in a sustainable way.

    The best choice for your pet and for all animals.

  • Yogi Tea

    Yogi Tea

    Yogi Bhajan, master of Indian yoga kundalini, arrived in the West in the late 1960s. In class he transmitted spiritual knowledge and served the students an aromatic infusion that they affectionately called "yogi tea".

    The infusion, with its pleasant aroma and flavor, instilled inner calm and tranquility in the students, opening them the world of Ayurvedic philosophy. Yogi Bhajan inspired them to seek spiritual balance in the daily practice of this Indian doctrine, which also includes "awareness" towards others, nature and themselves. Yogi Bhajan invited his students to stop, focusing on themselves to find inspiration for the soul.

  • Zagarese

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